Oriental Lamp

At the entrance of the bedroom on the second floor there is an oriental style lounge, decorated with cushions, Tunisian bronze trays, a Turkish shoe shiner and carpets, all elements that create a welcoming atmosphere.


Copy of the work of the Florentine sculptor and ceramist, Luca Della Robbia. The stoup was originally the fountain for ablutions (cantharus or Phiala) placed in the center of the atrium of the basilica. These can still be found in, Mount Athos, Djebeil in Syria and Cyprus.

African Masks

A collection of masks brought from Africa are located above the fireplace. All African masks fall into one of four categories: the ancestor spirits, mythological heroes, the combination of ancestor and hero, and animal spirits.

Cuzqueño Altarpiece

This kind of work is originally from Cuzco, Peru. The term altarpiece comes from the retro – tabulum Latin (behind the table or altar). The first “retablos” were positioned behind the altars of Catholic churches both in Spain and Latin America.

Tapestries of South India

These Tapestries consists of prints and hand embroidery techniques patches, glasses and sequined fabric. Beautiful colors, rich and bright décor, typical enhancements you find in India. Used both in homes and temples.


Peruvian Huacos (delicate pieces of pottery) whose originals are in museums. Colorful Chilean birds, carved by an artisan in southern Chile.

Dutch houses from Amsterdam made in Delft ceramic.

Patagonian kitchen

These old iron cookers were able to resist the fire of coal, where families awaited for the rich stews that could simmer for hours, at the same time providing heat for the home.

Several crafts

The Coffee table in the living room displays ornaments brought from different parts of the world, such as: Indian deities, animals from Africa, Tibetan religious articles, etc.


A replica of the Church of San Vicente Ferrer in los Dominicos, Santiago. This is one of half a dozen of these miniature copies of typical Chilean churches that can be found in Appelgren House.